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Firefly Associates are a Leeds based dance company and agency who specialise in breakdance. With some of the best talent in the UK and Europe, we provide performances, classes, workshops, and private tuition, all tailored to your unique requirements.

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Andrea Stockburn, the director and founder of Firefly Associates found her passion for breakdance in 1998. Known as 'Firefly', she quickly gained a reputation on the competition scene, winning numerous titles including the 2006 European Mighty 4 bgirl battle held in France.

As well as being a former gymnast and qualified Pilates instructor, Firefly is a top, respected, established bgirl renowned for her positivity, energy, versatility and professionalism. Due to many years of practice and dedication, she was the first UK female invited to battle on stage at the UK Bboy Championships in 2003 and the first UK female to win an international bgirl competition.

“I pride myself in delivering exceptionally high quality dance experiences, paying attention to detail and communication between client and artist. Having vast knowledge of the industry, I have an extensive network of dancers all over the country. For events, I choose dancers who work well together and vibe from each other, I believe this is very important to giving a special quality to their performance.”

“Break dance is one of the most visually exciting dance styles to watch. Who wouldn't want to watch someone spinning on their head and performing seemingly impossible moves?! You can't get much better entertainment than that! It's a dance that appeals to people from all walks of life.”

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