Workshops in breakdance

Learning how to become a bboy (or bgirl)

Firefly Associates have been teaching the art of 'bboying' (breakdance) since 1999, providing workshops which are carefully adapted to the needs of all ages and abilities, primary or secondary schools, after school clubs, youth, community and adult groups.

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Our teaching methods pay particular attention to safety and aim to instill children, young people and adults with a sense of safe practice. We are sensitive to the individual needs of the participants and always provide a supportive and encouraging atmosphere.

Firefly Associates provide workshops throughout the north of England, however we can provide workshops in other locations. Please get in touch to find out more.

Teaching on CITV

Firefly Associates taught and judged a breakdance challenge as part of the CITV Skillz TV Show.

Primary School Dance Show

Key Stage 2 end of term dance show at Hunslet St Marys Primary School, Leeds.

What they say...

“Emphasis was placed on the importance of good form in all your moves, which makes a difference to how the dance looks. Patient and supportive teaching that was broken down on more complex steps and moves to make them easier to learn.”

Joe - Leeds University Student

What they say...

“The lessons are well structured with in-depth explanations. I always feel I have learned so much as each session is very productive.”

Taisuke Jodai - Student

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